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Stop by my photos and visit the new nautical images added this spring! Here in the Gulf Coast Texas are there are many ocean boat and ship items to photograph. One of those places is a very interesting Nautical shop chalk full of wonderful nautical antiques! I spent a while browsing the store with my camera in hand! 

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New Jewelry at the NASA Spring Festival!  

If your in the Houston TX Area come April 19th stop by NASA Johnson Space Center for the Annual Spring Festival! I make jewelry and will have 25+ new items on the table! I love making things and of course photographing things. This festival if so much fun for the whole family and I try to attend each year. This will be the second on where I will have items available.

For more informaiton - click here!

Red Dragon at RestRed Dragon at Rest

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"The Alley" Added to my New Orleans Collection! One of my favorite photos has finally been added to my New Orleans collection! "The Alley" was photographed in July of 2005 on a trip to New Orleans with my two sons and my husband. We drove there from Texas to see New Orleans for the first time and what a wonderful time we had!  It was 4th of July weekend and the streets were filled with people waiting for the fire works and shopping. Eating at CafĂ© Du Monde for Breakfast and strolling the street seemed to take us back into time. We went on the Cemetery tour and visited Marie Nuevo's grave and had a scary great time!

After the wonderful fireworks we were walking along the streets and came upon this dark alley! I took so many photos but did not realize until I got home how creepy this one was! I added a nice texture of grain to the image that produced an antique look to it. If you get this one in the Pearl photo paper it produces a strange glow to the lights and reflections of the wet cobblestone!

Look for it in the New Orleans section of my website! And don't worry - it's just a photograph! You'll have to visit New Orleans to see the real deal!

The AlleyThe AlleyNew Orleans Alley at Night


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New Texas Photos! And More in the Natural Occurance Library! The Houston Metro Building Just added some new photos in the Texas and Natural Occurrences Library!  If you like Bluebonnets you will need to check these out! I have beautiful fields with cows, windmills and just fields of blue.

Texas in the Spring is a wonderland when you head toward the Brenham area. I really enjoy visiting from time to time during the spring months. It's always a wonderful site to see with fields of blue and longhorns grazing.

 There are so many pretty spots with orange paintbrushes dotting the highways.

Texas wildflowers offer a colorful variety to the mix. Love them!!

Hope you do too! Visit my gallery of images, and take one home for yourself!

I offer downloads, images and unique gifts to place them on! Thanks for stopping by!

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New Photos Added! The Houston Metro Building Just added some new photos in many of the libraries!  The Houston Metro Building, new garden photos and some images from Mexico! Be sure to stop by and check them out!

I have been going through my (huge) library of images and plan to post only the best of the best here. Hopefully that will give you a wide variety to choose from.

My next task in shooting will be to begin a library on Nautical images. I already have a few ideas in mind and a few images to add to it already but I have been itching to get out there and shoot some new stuff again.

Seems I've been in a LUL lately - I know all of us get that way from time to time, but I think I am finally beginning to creep out of it. Hope you enjoy visiting my images - feel free to stop by regularly as the stock will grow over time. If you have any questions on them, please drop me a line or too. I would be happy to answer!

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2013 A New Beginning It's hard for me to believe we are in yet another year. I have tried many forms of photography (nature, portraits, weddings) and along the way shoot what I want as well. This is the year for me to begin to share all of my lifes photos on my new stock photography site. I hope to at least be a form of inspiration to someone who may stumble by.

My life has taken me from West Virginia, to Texas, Utah, Mexico and even a small time in New York State and California. I may not get all of those places posted here, but hope to upload some of them.  Let the new Year be a NEW beginning for all. - LaDonna

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Finally Stock Photography at Affordable Prices! Many companies need stock photos for advertising, image manipulation, portfolios etc. I have begun loading my own photos into this new environment and will be offering many product options along with actual image downloads!

If you need an image file you can download my images for a reasonable fee and the best thing? - NO subscriptions! That's Right!

Now anyone can obtain a professional image for their needs and download them one at a time for use in their home, business or any other needs that arrise! All I ask is that you give me credit on my work whenever you use them for a public purpose, and please DO NOT sell these images to anyone as a single file.

Thanks for stopping by!

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